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Ok, lots of news to report. Good news that is. Here it goes (From Laureli in Honolulu):

1. CITIES and USDA and USFWS have signed off. This = MIRACLE due to two months of very hard work.

2. Sybil had a very nice talk with Darla Merrow. Darla said she’d send the statement Sybil needed and expressed her happiness on Gulliver’s placement at the Oasis.
Side note: apparently Gulliver does some tricks. Example: rolls on his back and rocks back and forth when someone sings “rock-a-bye baby”. We’ll get someone to video it when the opportunity arises.

3. One more piece of paperwork is due and we are 100% done with legalities.
>From Sybil: One paper signed by someone in the capital of Kiribati who is above the Agricultural Ministry….then that paper goes to Switzerland (fax is ok.) Switzerland lets USFWS know immediately (email or phone) He then calls the Legal division who notifies the ports and the next day Gulliver can come home. We will have 30 days to get him to LAX and into Federal Quarrantine.

Sybil is tentatively planning on going to Christmas mid to end of June to get Gulliver released and prepared for the long journey. As things stand now, he should be entering the US by the end of the month. We have an OK from Air Pacific (kudos to Peter Kim for giving us the approval) to carry Gulliver to Honolulu and then Hawaiian Air will take him to LAX.

Very encouraging news! This couldn’t have been done without lots of hard work from a lot of people. Will keep you posted as soon as developments happen. Lets hear some comments on this positive news!
On a side note, looks like I will fly out for my next work assignment on June 13. I will NOT be going to Europe as originally planned. Rather, I will be on the Norwegian Sky (formerly Pride of Aloha) which now does 3 and 4 day cruises to the Bahamas. Just in case anyone was wondering.

A few nice pictures of The Oasis. Gulliver will be a happy bird here! Just have to get him to Arizona. Any questions or comments? Feel free to post.

Aviary 1

Aviary 1

Here is a good idea from Richard Baccigaluppi (He is in Hawaii working to get Gulliver home). We have decided to dedicate this Sunday, May 25th and every Sunday from now until Gulliver is safely at home as Save Gulliver Day. Here is some more info (highlighted in blue for your reading enjoyment):

OUR GOALS: To encourage a favorable response from the government officials who have the power to approve our request and the needed paperwork to bring Gulliver home. To maintain his safety and good health before and during his difficult journey back to The United States should also be paramount in our thoughts. Through our good thoughts and positive energy, the Universe, God and The Law of Attraction can help us accomplish a positive out come.

WHEN: Starting this Sunday May 25th, and continuing until Gulliver is safely in the care of The Oasis.

TIME: Anytime during Sunday when you can devote 5-10 minutes or more, of quiet personal time to just focus your thoughts and visioning on a healthy Gulliver and his successful rescue.

HOW: A simple prayer, meditation or just good positive thoughts focusing on the most wonderful outcome we all want to see for Gulliver and his journey to safety.

So, all anyone needs to do is take a few minutes every Sunday to think about Gulliver and his journey home. Never underestimate the power of positive thinking.

I would love to see some comments on what people are doing for Save Gulliver Sundays. Also, donations are still being accepted. Go ahead and click on donate above for the link to donate directly to Gulliver’s cause. Spread the word and don’t forget to keep Gulliver in your thoughts. Thanks again everyone!

Here is a really good picture. Gulliver is surrounded by the agriculture/quarantine officers of Christmas Island. On the left is Mamarau and on the right is Nautonga.

Looks like Gulliver is in good hands. Keep in mind he still has to stay at Christmas Island to make sure he is healthy and ready to return to the United States.

Not much else to report at this time. Oh, the site just received 2000 hits today! Big milestone. Thanks to all who have visited and keep spreading the good word on the good cause.

Here is a really good picture of Gulliver. What a pretty bird he is. He must be very friendly, as he is resting on someones arm. Good to see he is doing well. More to come. Thanks for being patient.

Hi Gulliver!

If you haven’t noticed already, the donations page now goes directly to The Oasis. Just go ahead and click on Donate, then on Gulliver’s picture, or follow the link below him. It’s that easy. To those who have donated already, be assured that all donations are being sent to the Oasis and Gulliver’s fund. Thank’s again and we definetely appreciate it!

Also, here is a quick update on Gulliver’s situation.

Peter from Honolulu (he was in one of the Snickers’ newscasts, have to find the link), flew to Christmas Island to be with Gulliver. He should be there by now. Fantastic news, as now Gulliver has a goodwill ambassador with him. Will keep you posted as I learn more.

Until then, we still need donations! Got that economic stimulus check yet? What better way to spend it then doing something we all know is good. *hint* *hint* But seriously, any donation in any amount will be put to good use.
Oh yes, I am now officially back home and on vacation. Hooray! I should have much more time to post, so keep checking.

Gulliver left for Christmas Island after dark last night.  He should be in Christmas by tomorrow morning.


Thanks for the updates Robby and Lorraine.

By the way, my time in Hawaii has come to an end.  I am leaving for vacation today and will not be returning to Hawaii.  Instead, I have will be signing on to the Norwegian Jade mid-June which sails in Europe.  I will be back in my hometown April 28 to begin vacation.  More updates later, but until then, just wanted to get the word out that Gulliver is officially off of Fanning and might already be in Christmas Island by the time you read this.  More later.  Thanks for being patient.   

From Robby and Lorraine on Fanning:

Larry Littlefield from s/v Katie Lee and I went across the pass and the NCL manager gave us some fencing and we built a cage for Gulliver. We’ll load him on on Saturday (Kiribati time) and he should be in Christmas by Monday. Will confirm when he is underway.

From me:

Ok, so the first step is about to begin.  And that is getting Gulliver to Christmas.  Of course I will keep everyone posted on the first leg of his journey. 

Remember, getting Gulliver back is going to be a marathon, not a sprint.  Hes got a long ways to go to get back to the United States safely and legally.  We have to keep with it.  Thanks to everyone who has donated so far.  Remember, donations are tax deductible!  Never to early to start thinking about tax day in April of next year right? 🙂

This is a great video about The Oasis bird and animal sanctuary in Arizona.  You get to see Sybil and what she does for hundreds of birds in need of a home.  Sybil has graciously offered to take Gulliver when he arrives back to his home country.  As you can see, he will have plenty of friends to hang out with!